About the Founder

Charles Johnson attended Boston University as a scholarship football player and graduated with a degree in Physical Education and Health. He continued at BU as a graduate assistant to the BU Fitness Program while earning his Master’s in Education.

Charles worked to spearhead development of his company’s unique products, the F.I.T. Roller and F.I.T. Ball . Recently he celebrated his fifteenth year as a full-time Strength and Conditioning Coach at a private school in San Diego, CA. Charles is also a private Performance Specialist where he administers sessions in strength and speed development for middle school, high school, collegiate, and professional athletes including NFL veterans, NFL draft prospects, and ranked AVP and FIVB beach volleyball players.

Where Did The Idea Begin?

F.I.T. products inventor Charles remembers: “After sustaining an injury, I tried everything to speed up the recovery process. The injury held me back from training and was extremely frustrating. After needing three different methods to speed the healing, I figured that the industry needed a better way. I looked back on 12 years in the fitness industry and I started to create a product that would inevitably combine the best of three worlds.”

Following a detailed design, prototyping, and patent process, we finally launched a successful Kickstarter campaign which introduced the concept to the world. The product was then refined one last time, in parallel with developing a second product, the F.I.T. Ball, before we finally rolled through production.

What Makes Our Product Better?

The F.I.T. Roller and F.I.T. Ball blends the benefits of heat therapy, cold therapy and self-massage. “Looking back, the injury inspired me to want to teach better ways to prepare for workouts, train effectively, recover and rejuvenate efficiently so that people reduce their chances for injury and improve overall performance.” By combining the benefits of the traditional foam roller with hot and cold therapy as well as offering dry storage, Charles and the Fire & Ice Therapy team created the first 3-in-1 self-massage devices. These innovative thermal products will change the way people prepare, perform, and recover.

Fire & Ice Therapy, supplier of thermal sports performance and recovery tools, wants to change how you roll to improve the way you move. Thus the creation of the F.I.T. Roller and F.I.T. Ball: the first and only roller and ball on the market that combine pressure, heat therapy, and cold therapy.

The F.I.T. Roller’s and F.I.T. Ball‘s designs combine three proven performance enhancers (heat therapy, cold therapy, and pressure) together to improve overall function and boost recovery. Strength & Conditioning Coaches, Physical Therapists, Doctors, Massage Therapists, Designers, and Engineers banded together to create one inclusive, easy-to-use device for athletes and enthusiasts of any ability. The F.I.T. Roller and F.I.T. Ball are the only devices on the market that have the ability to quickly achieve varying degrees of hot or cold temperatures in a matter of seconds.

By creating these innovative products, we hope to achieve greater awareness around improving health and mobility. Fire & Ice Therapy is looking to combine traditional therapies with innovative warm up and recovery techniques. Self-massage devices are underutilized tools in the fitness community. The combination of pressure and temperature can have varying effects. Heat therapy is commonly used as a passive warm-up method for movers to soften fascia, and improve flexibility, joint range of motion, and circulation. On the other hand, cold therapy aids in recovery time after acute injury or intense bouts of exercise, and decreases inflammation. Rolling, technically referred to as self-myofascial release, provides an increase in hydration and elasticity to the fascia, aids in the breakdown of fascial adhesions, and improves intra-muscular glide and slide. Both pressure and temperature can combine these known benefits while stimulating the nervous system, and making the self-massage process more interesting and productive. Ask current owners of the products their opinions, and most of them will say that it simply “just feels good!”

Who Benefits From Using The F.I.T. Roller and F.I.T. Ball ?

Not only do we want to give back to the fitness community at large, but to anyone who moves (or doesn’t move) as well! We have made simple a way to combine three proven methods into two easy-to-use devices which will help people perform and recover across the globe. Put simply, creating these products was never about making money, but rather comes from a passion to share with others. We are excited to see how the world enjoys enhancing their rolling experience!
Fire & Ice Therapy products are there for anyone trying to get healthy and mobile. They can help prepare you for movement or resistance training, or can help you feel better when you’re tired and sore.
Charles Johnson, inventor of the F.I.T. products, states, “I truly believe that if you are trying to be healthy, in any shape or form, you have to commit yourself to your craft, much like an athlete does to theirs. A lot of clients I’ve trained are intimidated by the title ‘athlete.’ But I believe that ‘athlete’ is a very relative term. You go at your own pace! In the end, a lot of us are still doing the same movements.”

How Is This Roller Superior To Others Being Sold?

“With the F.I.T. Roller and F.I.T. Ball, we hope to make ice baths and heating pads a thing of the past for people recovering from tough workouts or injury. When rolling is used in conjunction with other tried and tested rehabilitative methods, overall recovery times can be cut down dramatically,” states Charles. “After several years of teaching clients various warm-up routines, performance regimens, and recovery methods, I thought to myself: There has to be a way to maximize the benefits of all these methods while cutting down on certain time-consuming steps. By combining the therapeutic benefits of massage, heat therapy, and cold therapy, the F.I.T. products have the potential to help anyone who exercises or moves.”